Claude Wittmann’s “RADIO EQUALS”

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Options offered by Radio Equals to the listeners/options pour les auditeurs:

– écouter, depuis n’importe où avec un poste de radio ou un accès à internet/listen from anywhere, with your own radio receiver or internet device
– venir là où Radio Equals a lieu et écouter une radio ou internet, depuis tout près/join claude where Radio Equals is and listen from there

What happened on February 23, 24 and 25, 2015:

– 11am – noon, on/sur CKUT 90.3 FM and, in English:

claude spoke with Eric Boivin and with Jacqueline van de Geer, and, on the 24th, claude had the chance to listen to Alison Cooley hosting Adriana Disman.

– 3pm – 4pm, on/sur

claude a parlé en français Ianna Book, and, in English with Allison Burns. On the 24th, claude held a bilingual session alone with himself. Le 24 février, claude a parlé dans ses deux langues, avec lui-même.

Sound documentation/documentation-son :

Radio Equals is as live as possible, which means that there are no recordings/posdcasts easily available to the public. But, recordings are kept as archives by radio stations and if you were interested in accessing any of these, please get in contact with claude at clowittmann at

Radio Equals est une expérience dans le moment qui n’offre pas d’enregistrements ou de podcasts au public. Mais, comme les stations de radio gardent leurs archives, il vous est possible de prendre contact avec claude et de demander l’autorisation d’écouter un enregistrement: clowittmann at

Photos: Adriana Disman


claude wittmann needs to be called “he”. was born in Switzerland and now lives in Toronto. works as a bicycle mechanic and in performance art. has done deep gender identity work, some of it interactive. “practice”, “meet” and “face” are his new and “transform” is more like the old. currently joining sound, radio and equality with the insight that the body source of this work is his throat. has performed in festivals, in curated events, in self-produced pieces, and in the public space. i want to be a citizen.