MANDATES *L&P doesn’t believe in sticking with any one thing for too long.

May 2015
“Fuck it, I’m doing what I want.” -Adri

April 2015
LINK & PIN is an international performance art series based in Montréal, Canada. It is organized and curated by Adriana Disman along with a huge amount of support from the local performance art community. It holds a constantly changing mission in an effort to stay relevant. Currently, L&P strives to support artists who are in some way marginalized and engages with thinking through anti-disciplinarity and the politics of arts funding.

September 2014
LINK & PIN is an international performance art series.
It is organized and curated by Adriana Disman.

Focused on performance art but presenting a vast range of interdisciplinary work, LINK & PIN’s Sunday Series turned the usual “evening of performance” on its head by presenting work on Sunday afternoons. Perfectly post-brunch, daytime performance events allow for a different kind of energy and attention with which to share and receive the work. Generally lo-tech/no-tech, the Sunday Series tried to continuously change models and structures through which it runs. With the intention of fostering links in the interdisciplinary arts community, most events were followed by a Discussion Forum. Pointedly not an artists’ talk, Forums opened space for the artists and the public to engage in conversation about the work while sharing tea and (topical) dessert.

2014 to present housed out of RATS 9 Artist-run Centre–an anti-racist, queer, feminist space–in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2013-2014 season housed out of hub14 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Archive here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Performance by Helene Vosters. Photo by Henry Chan.